Try, Try, Tri

When I started this blog, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let weeks and weeks pass without posting. I planned to continuously highlight my progress as I tried to evolve from a runner to a runner/triathlete. I intended to write about learning to swim, buying my first bike, and all of the other daunting tasks new triathletes are faced with.

Yet here I am, on my way to my second triathlon, without having made a single post about the sport.

So here’s my chance. I’m on a plane that provides free wifi!

I’m generally not one to stress about travel logistics, but flying to race a triathlon changes all of that. I know it’s just me but I feel like I can hear the different pieces of my disassembled bike rattling within the plane below my feet. It’s a completely new challenge.

When I competed in my first triathlon a few weeks ago I felt prepared but I was also slightly intimidated. Fortunately it was an easy commute to the start line for a short race. For the NYC Triathlon on Sunday I’ve had to put a lot more thought into my race planning.

FYI, here are my results from the Vancouver Subaru Triathlon. Can I count this as a race report?

Chip Time – 1:18:31
Overall – 70/294
M – 60/173
M30-34 – 16/43

I feel like the key to doing triathlons is all about avoiding disaster, just trying to survive. How good are you at not drowning or crashing your bike, and staying upright during the run? But I suppose that’s part of the appeal?

Since the Vancouver tri I spent a bit of time questioning some of my decisions. Why do I spend x hours training these three sports? What are the benefits? What other opportunities am I sacrificing to do this? Then I went to Whistler to volunteer at Ironman Canada and any doubts I had completely disappeared. I was totally inspired by each and every participant that passed by our running aid station. From the elite athletes, to the dad who asked his kids if they’d had dinner yet, to the woman wearing a prosthetic, to Walter, the final competitor who had to boot it over the last 2.2km just to earn an official time before the cutoff at midnight, the purpose and determination of each of these athletes was crystal clear to me, even though I will never know what truly motivated them to attempt such a feat.

I hope to hold, even if just a piece, some of their indestructible spirit with me as I attempt to construct a respectable race on Sunday between the Hudson and Central Park. At this point there’s not much else to do than Try, Try, Try.

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